What is Website Development? How Website Development Support You in the Journey of the Internet?

Website development is the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet in the format for code. The Fundamental of Website Development is that you should have an idea about Web design, HTML and HTML5CSSJavaScript, and accessibility. This is a basic and good starting point for beginners wishing to learn web development fundamentals across a number of areas.

What is Basic?

  • Learn how to Implement the Coding with the help of Online Platform: To learn the basics of programming first step start learning and second thing don’t divert your mind in other activities. I recommend you taking an online course on YouTube and other learning platforms. There are different classes available on how to get started with HTML and CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and many other programming languages.
  • Learn how to Design: To Learn the Design basic step research on design what is currently running and how you will use and implement and some basic understanding of what is good design? Learn the basic concepts of design. Learn how to think like a designer.

Do your research properly

When you are thinking about making the website ask yourself how much time you gave in Your Research.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

  • HTML or Hypertext Markup Language: HTML is the foundation of all websites. It’s the main file type that is loaded in your browser source when you look at a website.
  • CSS or Cascading Style Sheets: Without the Cascading style sheets, a website will look like a Word document. With the help CSS, you can add colors of all kinds, stylish fonts, and layout the website and also you can add animations and draw.
  • JavaScript: JavaScript is a programming language that allows interacting with elements and manipulating them. With the help of JavaScript, you can do the website more dynamic.

Which Code Editor We Should Use:   

This is the starting point of your journey where you think which code editor we should use? The basic is notepad if you are starting the HTML

VS Code: Visual Studio Code is a code editor developed by Microsoft, includes helpful support for embedded syntax highlighting, snippets, and code refactoring, debugging, Git control and GitHub, intelligent code completion,

AtomAtom is Created by GitHub and advertised as a “hackable text editor” Atom is a well-loved editor. It’s known for its customizability. You can install packages and themes that will add features to the program.

Sublime: Sublime is a popular program just like Atom, you can install packages and themes and also for code refactoring.

Final Words to the journey of the Internet for the support of Website Development

  • Makes navigation easy:

Every User Want Easy Navigation because of it very easy to access.  In Easy Navigation the page should be fast loading and ensure there is a search box and quickly find the data. Ensure Developer is checking regularly test the pages for ease of navigation. Without the developer, you should aware of these basic rules of website development.

  • Attract clients to your business:

The Content is king. Be Sure how much time you gave in your content because this is the key to your journey on the internet. Example: The Queen Bee of Bee-Hive is your Content and another bee is your clients. Attract Your Clients Just Like Queen Bee.

  • Provide visual content on the website

  • Aware About SEO And Search Engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo) Guidelines:

Search Engine guidelines help you to find yourself in Search Engine, index and rank your site. The search Engine strongly encourages you to pay close attention to the Quality Guidelines.

  • Prove your reliability:

A website offers a straight method of showing the trustworthiness of the business and represents the business online. Therefore, your website design should be agreeable in the best possible way, because a professional presentation speaks to your business.

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