Website Virus Removal Services in Dubai

WordPress is a popular content management system which allows you to edit and change the appearance of your website, without using any codes. With a ton of extra features and ability to drag and drop blocks of functionality for your website, you can easily create, organize and publish contents here. For its ease of use and functionality, WordPress is being used by a lot of businesses and enterprises for creating responsive websites. As there is countless WordPress developer community and for its renowned popularity, hackers aim to exploit the vulnerabilities of the website. They impregnate viruses and malware in the codes of the website so that the information on the website can be easily hacked. Therefore, if your website is hacked and you are looking for a professional virus removal website designer, then you can opt for our Website virus removal services. They are proficient in making your website virus-free by removing virus and malware from it at an instance.


What to Do If You Find That Your Website Is Infected?

Nobody wants their data gets stolen or discover that they became a source of infection for other websites.  But in case, your website becomes a victim or during the update of the website, if it contains errors or warnings, then there are chances that the hackers might hack your website. They scan different websites to find the victim, send scams and redirect the users to other websites as well. If you find that your browser is alarming you while clicking on any website, then immediately get in touch with our professionals for getting quality Website virus removal services.

If you have some basic knowledge and skills, then you can also try on your own to remove the virus from your website. You can either do it manually or can use special anti-virus software to clean the code of your website. In case you are unaware of the manual process, then kindly go through the steps described below:

  • Update your software
  • Change admin passwords for CMS or FTP which can be stolen either from a desktop or from email
  • Delete if there are any unauthorized plugins
  • Configure access rights to the files of your website
  • Restore a backup
  • Block the functions that you no longer use in PHP configuration files.

Follow These Simple Steps to Avoid The Virus Infection:

If you want to avoid the virus infection, then you can easily do it by following the recommended steps stated below:

  • Create strong passwords and try not to save it in a browser
  • Use only trusted sources for downloading any software
  • Configure the backup schedule
  • Create a separate user for every website and isolate different sites from each other
  • It is recommended to always use Virusdie
  • Update  installed scripts by using Softaculous
  • Install the integration module with ISPmanager for higher convenience

Exceptional Virus Removal Services We Cater to Offer Our Clients:

Our specialists utilize advanced, cloud-based virus and malware scanning technology to scan the website. These technological hacks not only detect security holes and vulnerabilities of the website but also effectively scans the WordPress website for possible virus infection. Additionally, we also provide protection for safeguarding the website against constant countless security threats which are found online. The expert of our team also monitor for website blacklisting and immediately warns the website owner before it gets blacklisted.

We follow the below guidelines and tips to help you with the virus-free websites; Please have a look:

Step 1: Detect and Identify Hack

At first, we use tools and plugins to scan your website remotely. Through this, we find the malicious malware locations and payloads. Post this, we scan your WordPress website and note whether there are any blacklist warning or warning message. If there are multiple websites on the same server, we scan all of them to detect cross-site contamination. Altogether we also look for any suspicious or unfamiliar element in the website. The experts also check the core file integrity issues in the wp-admin, wp-includes, and root folders by using diff command in terminal.

Moreover, we perform a clean check-up of the recently modified files by logging into the server. Because sometimes, these can also be a part of your WordPress hack. Diagnostic tools to verify the security status of your website is the most effective task that we do, if we find that your WordPress website has been blacklisted by website security authorities including Google. Even we use different monitoring tools to check the security ratings and reports for your website.

Step 2: Remove Virus and Restore Your Website

We manually fix the infection in your core files or plugins without overwriting your wp-config.php file or wp-content folder. We remove any suspicious code from the custom files and test to verify the changes in the site. Also, we use tools like Search-Replace-DB or Adminer to remove the virus infection from your database tables manually. Moreover, by manually removing suspicious users from WordPress, we also secure your WordPress account. Even we reset the password and confirm that your WordPress account has only one admin user.

Sometimes the attackers also inject backdoors into files like wp-config.php and directories like themes, plugins. We remove all the hidden backdoors and use some form of encoding to prevent detection. If you were blacklisted by Google or by any other webspam authorities, then we remove virus warnings from your site.        

Step 3: Enhance the Security of Your WordPress Site

If outdated software is the reason behind the cause of infection, then you should update and reset the configuration settings. You can manually update your WordPress, reset passwords, generate new secret keys and harden WordPress. We also store WordPress backups in an off-site location and scan your computer with a reputable antivirus program on the operating systems.

Grab Immediate Assistance From Our Experts For Website Virus Removal Services

If you want to safeguard your website and secure your online reputation as well as your website, then get in touch with our team of experts for Website virus removal services. You can contact us today by calling at our helpline number 600544549 and seek help from us. It is best to customize your website in the best way and make it safe and secure. This is because once if the customers get afraid to visit your website, then your website will not be able to gain the attention of the customers. Hence, choose us and experience the difference.

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